Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Best Neutral Paint Colors

So you have decided to move.   Deciding what paint colors to use on the walls can be a lengthy and tedious process.

If you want to take the guesswork out of the process go with a known color.

The following paint colors are the top recommended colors for staging properties for sale:

Benjamin Moore: Linen White--has yellow undertones--Looks nice with Antique White Trim (also Benjamin Moore)  a very sophisticated paint color

Benjamin Moore: Vanilla Ice Cream--by far the happiest paint color imaginable. looks great with kelly green accessories, oranges, purples, blues and blue-greens

Pratt & Lambert--Ceylon Ivory--Coordinates well with organic colors, light olive and other earthy greens

Sherwin Williams--Interactive Cream--a light capturing neutral that never seems to yellow or too gray--love the name!

Benjamin Moore: Ancient Ivory-- has yellow undertones--looks nice with any bright white trim paint--photographs very well

Benjamin Moore: Seashell-less yellow undertones-- I have read that this shade less yellow than Ancient Ivory and it provides a perfect backdrop for almost any decor

Sherwin Williams: Aria Ivory--very neutral, not too yellow and not too grey, looks great with blues and ironstone & seagrass rugs.

Now remember, if you have a color sample,  have your local hardware store prepare the same color  paint for less money than you would spend at a boutique paint store.   While you are at it, why not order the paint with the primer in it?   This is a very budget friendly & efficient way to get the job done and it eliminates the two-step process of priming first and then painting.

A freshly painted home is the one "must do" if your walls are looking tired and/or the paint color clashes with the carpeting.  The smell of fresh paint  says "we took care of our home" to the buyers.  Even if the buyers' plan on redecorating, they appreciate a freshly painted home.

Each homeowner should work within their own budget to prepare for a sale.  If your funds are tight then do the "musts" and nothing else.  Remember, the goal is to have a reasonably quick sale for a great price.

If you are planning on selling your home, call me today.  I have lots of great ideas to expedite the process of preparing your home for sale.

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Before you call the plumber....

So your water bill is higher than usual?  And the water authority says its not their problem?

Before you call the plumber and pay for a service call here are two things to check on first.

1. Add a couple of drops of blue or red dye into the water tank of each toilet.  Do not flush the toilet.  If you see the dye enter the toilet bowl, then you have a leaking toilet and will need to plug the tank.  If you are not able to plug the tank, then  by all means call the plumber to change out the parts that need to be fixed.

2.  If the dye test is negative, turn off the main water valve to the home.  Wait 30 minutes, then see if the water meter is still turning.  If the water meter is still turning, then there a water leak outside the house.  The leak may be in the water line that runs between the house and the street.

 If so, the homeowner is responsible for fixing the leaks between the house and the street.  Dominion Power offers insurance  ($4.95 per month last time I checked) for this water line replacement. ( Its well worth the monthly cost to sign up for this insurance yet if you already have a leak its too late.)  If you missed the post on water line replacement and want to read it, go here

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PS Photo is a courtesy of free digital photos

Sunday, April 13, 2014

The one "must" improvement in the kitchen if you are selling your home this year

Suppose you are planning on selling your home this year.  Your home is updated is some areas but not in all important areas.  As its often been said "kitchens" and "baths" sell the home.

If your kitchen is an older kitchen (with original cabinetry and countertops) and a new kitchen is not in the budget moneywise or timewise, what is the one improvement that you should do?  Experience has shown me that a new refrigerator ( with all the bells and whistles) is your best bet.

  Number 0ne, the refrigerator is the largest appliance and the most expensive one.  It is a very important appliance since all members of the household use it.

 It is one less item that the new owners will have to spend money on.  If you can only do one thing in your kitchen, let it be a new refrigerator.  That new, sparkling refrigerator will speak volumes when your home goes on the market.

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If would like to buy or sell a home, call me today.  I will treat your transaction as if it were my own!

                                                                Carla Brooks

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Open House Today in McLean Hamlet from 1-4

This lovely home is up for sale:

The address is : 8021 Agin Court McLean Va 22102

The list price is $978,900

This home features 4 bedrooms with 3 full bathrooms and a two car garage around back.  The garage is an add on, with a family room up above.  This spacious home has been updated inside, with new windows, a vinyl wrap on the outside, updated bathrooms and kitchen.  8021 Agin Court is located in the sought after McLean Hamlet neighborhood.  

Another gorgeous day is upon us, I had time to update the flower arrangement posted yesterday.

Here is a close up view, I added in yellow daffodils and forsythia...

and a few pieces of my fave ironstone:)

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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Enjoy the Spring Day!

It is so nice to bring the outdoors inside:)

If you would like to buy or sell a home, call me today.  I will treat your transaction as if it were my own.

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Honey, our realtor said its "ok" to keep up with the "Joneses"

Did I really say that?  Haha, sort of...

The number one question I'm asked from homeowners is "What updates do I need to do to sell the home?"  Unfortunately, there is not one right answer to this question.  Each home is in its own state of repair and each neighborhood has its own resale threshold.

Should I install a whole new kitchen or paint the cabinetry & install new countertops?

Granite or Quartz? (if you missed my post on Granite vs Quartz you can find it here )
 Stainless Steel, White or Black appliances?
New bathroom or short cut makeover?
Should I remove the tub and install a shower?

New lighting? New Carpeting?

Wood floors or Wood laminate?
Blinds, Soft Shutters or Roman shades?

New windows? New roof? New gutters?

And the list goes on...

And yes, home improvements is one time when its ok to keep up with the Joneses.  The home is typically the largest financial investment that one has.  Why not make the most of it?

A well maintained home will sell faster and bring in more sales proceeds.  Upgrades are important and the buyers will pay more for them and have the peace of mind that they have purchased a home that has been cared for by the previous owners.

If you have a home that you are thinking of selling, call me today for suggestions on what to do before the property goes to market.  Preparation is the key to having a successful sale.

Enjoy the beautiful weather and thank you for visiting The Silver Lyne...

                                                Carla Brooks

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Update on the Silver Line Metro

Here's an informative video on the Silver Line Metro Construction.

 The Silver Line will open soon, the first step in providing a metro line service to Dulles Airport.  It has been a long road of lane closures, ramp closures, ramp relocations, dust, new turn lanes and so forth.  We are almost there!

If you have time, click on the link above and learn all about it.

If you would like to buy or sell a home, call me today.  I will treat each transaction as if it were my own.

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